Solving water crisis!

Its not hard to solve water crisis around the world. A decade or two ago, some scientist and engineers set sail to a new horizon by building a machine that produces water from the air. Its called a atmospheric water generator its produces water by sucking in humid air and air into the machine into a condenser that condenses the air and produces water. Here is an example grab a glass of water with ice or cold water from the refrigerator. What do you notice outside the glass. EXACTLY WATER BEING CONDENSE BY ITS DEW POINT. That exact effect is being copied into a machine to produce water. Now how can a atmospheric water generator help a place that needs water due to a water crisis. Simple by connecting together many AWGs together and collecting the water in one place and then distributing the water to the affected place by the water crisis. That one way solving the water crisis around the world there are more ways tho, do you know of any other way?

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