Welcome to Vers Allusia Christmas Say

Vers Allusia began in 2018 as Vers Nation. We also had the domain versnation.space in the beginning. The nation had no symbols, elements, constitution or anything else last year it was a plain nation with nothing. In 2020 we want to make Vers into a space brand. Yes we have ambitious plans for it. Very difficult plans like building spaceships and space habits. We need brains and people for that. We want to start of good in the New Years by telling everyone what Vers Allusia is all about and its future plans in space and Earth. Today is Christmas and Merry Christmas to our citizens and Merry Christmas to non citizens of Vers Allusia. As of now there is not much to todo in the nation since we don’t have the proper land and buildings to roam and work efficiently but that will change in due time. We are excited to announce the deployment of our citizens portal. In the citizens portal you can read all about Vers Allusia news, talk in the forum, talk in the shout box, and much more. Enjoy!

Thank You

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