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About Vers Allusia

Vers is a space and micro nation, it claims a portion of interstellar space and lot of land in Mother Earth. Vers was born in the year 2018. Vers is a democratic government, governed by the people and the Constitution of Vers. Vers has its own space program or company called Vers Universal. Vers Allusia is a space, science, technology, and STEM nation . Welcome to Vers!

The Founder of Vers Allusia

Mr Eduardo Alexiz founded Vers Allusia in the year 2018.

Elements of Vers Allusia

The Flag, The Constitution, Coat of Arms, National Anthem

Our flag is red it has a circle that is yellow that represents the sun of a galaxy. In the middle it has a starship representing our flight to space and beyond. The outer curves represents the universe as a whole. The Vers Allusian flag conveys a message of science, technology and space.

The Coat of Arms that represent our nation, values, and way of life.

Vers Allusia Constitution

Click here if you want to read the Vers Constitution

To become a citizen of Vers Allusia email us

At this moment we are only accepting new citizens via email and our registration page, to become a citizen of Vers please email us your information that we are requesting from you at this moment.

In order to become a citizen of Vers, we need your full name or a username, country of origen, and email only. Please email us your information at

Become a citizen of Vers Allusia

Become a citizen of Vers Allusia click the link in the menu to go to the registration page. or click here

The Roadmap of Vers Allusia